Rogue 005 :: ready for finish

Rogue 005 (photo above) along with Kalliope 001 have both been pore filled and are ready to start spraying.

Kalliope 001 :: ready to begin finish process today with final QC sanding, sealer and pore fill.

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Kalliope neck carve.

I took some time last week to make improvements to my old neck holding jig for carving necks.  The 1” thick plywood it was made from had cupped badly so I sandwiched it with two pieces of 3/8” plywood on either side to straighten it out.  This also significantly increased it’s rigidity, which makes carving much more efficient.  The more your carving jig deflects, the less wood you remove with each stroke.  I also took a torch to the jig and burned it to give it a bit of character and then sealed it with a coat of shellac.

Kalliope 001’s neck is in the jig, the neck for Rogue 005 is on the bench in the background.

2007 Gibson SG TV yellow [6.9 lbs] :: rusty fret setup.

This guitar was not played for a few years so the frets and hardware had tarnished quite a bit.  I used steel wool to clean up the frets and metal polish to clean up the bridge and tailpiece.  The saddle slots were cleaned out with nut slotting files and the loose output jack tightened.  Back in business!

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Super rusty frets :: TV yellow SG

This 2007 SG has not been played in quite some time and the frets are badly corroded.  Let the steel wool fibers fly …

Chubbuck neck build :: fingerboard glue-up

I use a single-action truss rod on my acoustics and push relief into the neck when I glue up the fingerboards.  This way I’m able to extend the range from relief to straight to back bow upon tightening the rod.  I also use hot hide glue for this glue-up.

Rogue 005 in the front, Kalliope 001 in the background (clamped).

Peghead glue up :: rear laminates.

Kalliope 001 and Rogue 005 necks are almost ready to carve.  Next up will be shaping the pegheads and gluing the fingerboards.

Neck prep :: using a drum sander to thickness pegheads.

Here I’m thicknessing the rear of the headstocks for Rogue 005 and Kalliope 001 before I laminate them.  When I worked at Santa Cruz, they had a shop-made drum sander that works awesome for quickly thicknessing pegheads.  I have always thought that I was going to have to build something similar for myself but have gotten around this task by using a Wagner Safe-T-Planer in my drill press.  This time around I decided to see if I could use my new-ish drum sander.  I was extremely pleased to find that the in-feed roller on the drum sander is easily removable.  Much better results with this method in less time, but super dusty.  I used a fan to attempt to direct some of the dust into the hood but I’ll need to rig up something better next time. 

Note: the Safe-T-Planer method works fairly well, but it requires more time to clean up the transition from head to neck.

Chubbuck acoustics :: Rogue & Kalliope mock up.

The first Chubbuck guitar builds in the new shop are getting ever closer (finally!).  The necks for Rogue 005 (left) and Kalliope 001 (right) need their rear head laminates and fingerboards glued up before being ready to carve.  So far I’m really happy with the new Kalliope design.  I tried to borrow the lines of the Rogue and scale them up to a larger body.

Fingerboard binding :: Chubbuck Kalliope & Rogue acoustics.

The fingerboards for Kalliope 001 and Rogue 005 are bound and need to be cleaned up.  Both necks are very close to being glued up and ready to carve.

2013 Fender Squire Mini Strat [5.4 lbs] :: student setup.

This guitar was set up with 9’s for a player’s daughter to start learning on.  Its smaller proportions and short 22 3/4” scale make it ideal for kids or those will small hands.  Unfortunately this guitar suffers the common ailment of student instruments in that it uses budget hardware.  Upgrading the tuners would make tuning much, much easier but would add to the cost of the guitar.  Spending the money on such an upgrade would depend on the student’s interest in learning to play.  I attempted to lubricate the tuners but it didn’t seem to improve them.

I could see this guitar being fun to record in the studio.  The 22 3/4” scale is close to short scale Fender lap steels (22 1/2”) so heavy strings and a slide might add a unique sound to a track.

2013 Bourgeois OM Custom [4.5 lbs] :: new bone nut to adjust spacing.

The player wanted to maximize the string spacing so a new bone nut was cut with the outer strings positioned slightly closer to the edges of the fingerboard.

Redwood top / Cocobolo back and sides.  Beautiful guitar.

Chubbuck acoustic builds :: Kalliope 001 and Rogue 005 neck fits.

Kalliope 001 [front] and Rogue 005 [rear] necks are being fit this week along with the fingerboards bound.  Neck carves are hopefully scheduled for this weekend.

Rogue 005 is still available and the neck can be carved to your specs if interested.  Please contact me for details.

Kalliope 001 :: cutting the body dovetail mortise.

More progress photos of Kalliope 001 here.

Rogue 005 on the bench in the background.  More build progress photos of Rogue 005 here.